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Agenda Themes

Agenda Themes

10 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2024
Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Kenya


Hyperscale & Cloud

ITW Africa's agenda explores hyperscale and cloud topics, delving into regional investment trends, infrastructure requirements, market potential, and the impact of emerging technologies on digital transformation across the continent.

Digital Equity

Digital Equity is a core focus on the ITW Africa agenda, addressing accessible internet pricing, rural connectivity, and initiatives to bridge the digital divide, ensuring inclusive access to digital opportunities across the continent.

Future Networks

Future Networks take center stage on the ITW Africa agenda, exploring Network as a Service (NaaS), telco cloud, automation, and AI. Discussions delve into evolving business models and technological advancements.

Investment & M&A

Future investment and M&A discussions at ITW Africa focus on priorities, potential asset classes, and opportunities in tier 2/3 markets. Experts analyse evolving strategies and market dynamics driving consolidation and growth.

Subsea & Terrestrial Fibre

Subsea and terrestrial fibre are key topics at ITW Africa, examining capacity expansion, economic challenges, infrastructure sharing, and updates on build-outs to enhance connectivity and address digital infrastructure needs.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity is a prominent topic at ITW Africa, discussing the latest launches, collaboration potential, and strategies for seamless connectivity to serve underserved regions and bridge the digital divide.

Mobile & 5G

Mobile and 5G technologies feature prominently on the ITW Africa agenda, exploring the value proposition of super apps, the evolution of 5G networks, and their impact on digital innovation and connectivity.

Talent & ESG

Talent and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives are key agenda topics at ITW Africa, focusing on nurturing homegrown talent, bridging the digital gender gap, and promoting sustainable practices across the industry.

Business Messaging

Business Messaging is a focal point on the ITW Africa agenda, addressing international and local provider requirements, CPaaS impact, A2P evolution, fraud prevention, and emerging commercial models in messaging services.

Regulation & Compliance

Regulation and compliance take centre stage on the ITW Africa agenda, exploring evolving regulatory frameworks, compliance requirements, and their impact on the digital infrastructure landscape across the continent.