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What's New for 2024?

What's New for 2024?

10 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2024
Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Kenya


Co-Located with Datacloud Africa

Datacloud Africa's co-location with ITW Africa enhances the event's scope, offering attendees a comprehensive platform for exploring the latest trends and opportunities in the digital infrastructure industry. The synergy between these two premier events fosters collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships across the ecosystem.

More Networking opportunities

ITW Africa 2024 will boast more vibrant networking social events. Attendees will engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful partnerships in a dynamic and enchanting environment. These events offer valuable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and new business.

ITW Africa Chat Show

The ITW Africa keynote chat show will bring together the leaders of the continent’s most influential organisations. By bringing together these key figures, the chat show can provide a comprehensive overview of the most pressing issues facing connectivity  in Africa.

Hyperscalers & Cloud Keynote

The new hyperscaler & cloud keynote promises to illuminate the transformative potential of cloud technologies in Africa. Leaders will unveil ambitious plans and strategic drivers, igniting discussions on scalability, innovation, and digital empowerment. 

Satellite Panel

The Satellite Panel convenes to offer valuable insights into recent launches and strategic opportunities for partnerships. Discussions will delve into emerging trends, innovative satellite technologies, and collaborative ventures aimed at enhancing connectivity.

Net-zero operator panel

The Net-Zero Operator Panel places sustainability at the forefront of carrier discussions, highlighting strategies for reducing carbon footprint and achieving environmental goals. Leaders will share best practices aimed at driving the industry towards a more sustainable future.

NaaS panel

The NaaS Panel will explore the emerging NaaS business model, showcasing success stories and offering insights into the blueprint for the next generation of carriers. Leaders will discuss innovative approaches, industry trends, and transformative opportunities driving the evolution of network services.

Smart Phone & Mobile Money

This session delves into the intersection of mobile technology, enterprise solutions, and financial services, analysing the technology economics driving demand. Discussions will explore the feasibility of the $10 smartphone, recent launches of super apps, and the evolving landscape of mobile-driven economies.