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Evelyn Ngatia

Evelyn Ngatia


Evelyn is a multi-award-winning thought leader, strategist, corporate trainer, and speaker. As the Founder of TechaWatt Ltd, she's driven by a purpose she believes was God-given: transforming mindsets in the realm of emerging technology. Her extensive background spans corporate banking, energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing, culminating in the creation of TechaWatt Ltd.

Evelyn Chairs the Women in Tech Alliance at the European Technology Chamber, a nonprofit based in Germany and co-funded by the European Union. They promote tech for the betterment of Europe and humanity. Evelyn is a strong advocate for women in tech and judges at the Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

Evelyn serves in Rotary as an Assistant Governor for the Nairobi West 5 Cluster. She previously served as the President of the Rotary Club of Nairobi-Ngong Rd, where she championed mental health awareness and leadership development. Under her leadership, the club received two awards for its outstanding contributions to the Rotary Foundation.