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ITW Africa Agenda



Setting the scene: The digital infra power challenge across the African continent

11 Sep 2024
KICC Conference Room 2
Digital Infra Power Summit

Lack of clarity on national (renewable) energy generation and transmission investment plans, incomplete grid infrastructure maps, poorly maintained transmission and distribution systems, barriers to private generation and lengthy interconnection processes are just some of the key challenges cited by African digital infra owners. Yet, blessed with abundant renewable energy resources Africa has great potential to meet digital infra power requirements in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, with potential synergies to be found in meeting the continent’s digitalisation and electrification goals, how can the energy and digital infra industries better support each other?

  • What positive steps have been taken by countries to improve energy access and security for digital infrastructure and where are there still barriers that need to be addressed?
  • What lessons (and warning signs) from more developed markets can be applied to the continent?
  • How are digital infra owners better collaborating with government agencies, grid operators, DFIs and other stakeholders to drive change, and what success stories are we starting to see?
  • What are the key ingredients all markets require?
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