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ITW Africa Agenda



Panel: Rethinking network efficiency for a new era

10 Sep 2024
KICC Conference Room
TowerXchange Meetup Africa

Macro turbulence, currency exchange shocks, interest rate hikes and ramped inflation has inflated costs of capital and shaken up the sector. In this current climate, how do towercos need to rethink their operational strategy, maximizing returns on every drop of invested capital and squeezing out every drop of efficiency from their networks?

  • What has the last 12 months revealed about inefficiencies or weak points in operational management?
  • Is investing in cost-saving solutions the best way to maximise return on invested capital?
  • Where are the opportunities for towercos to further reduce their network costs?
  • How are MNO demands for transparent tenant billing and emissions reporting impacting the need for site visibility?
  • Do towercos have the appropriate industry knowledge and expertise to deliver on big data automation?
  • Is there an emerging use-case for AI?
Jacobus Smith, CTO - MAST SERVICES
Sean Alborough, Country Manager - SBA SOUTH AFRICA
Lara Coady, Director of Operations & Engineering - HELIOS TOWERS
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