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Business models, contract structures and financing options to meet digital infra owner power requirements

11 Sep 2024
KICC Conference Room 2
Digital Infra Power Summit

Grid connections, virtual PPAs, direct investment in large scale energy projects, opex and capex led on-site generation, minigrids and more, a host of different options are available to digital infra owners to meet their energy requirements.

  • What solutions are companies choosing for different scenarios and what is motivating their decisions?
  • How mature and diverse is the IPP and ESCO landscape serving the African ICT sector?
  • What key trends are being seen in contract structures between energy buyer and seller?
  • How do company, customer and investor requirements to go green impact decisions?
  • What sources of funding are available to invest in energy?
  • Will the trends evolve in the future?
Laurentius Human, Managing Partner, Sustainable Energy Fund - CONVERGENCE PARTNERS
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