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ITW Africa Agenda



Keynote Panel: Thinking the same, but different – how are we defining Africa's data centre future?

10 Sep 2024
Radisson Blu Conference Stage
Datacloud Africa

Data centres are proven catalysts for economic development across the continent, however there is a problem. Africa accounts for 15% of the world's population, and yet only ~1% of data centres globally are situated on the continent. With the market anticipated to reach a valuation of $5 billion by 2026, tremendous growth is expected, but how is this potential being realised? This session will explore:

  • What lessons can be learnt from other global markets?
  • How can new data sovereignty rules pave the way for expansion and create a cloud-first connected environment ?
  • What innovative connectivity partnerships are emerging?
Wilfried Dudink, Senior Director - Strategy & Development - DIGITAL REALTY
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