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ITW Africa Agenda



Keynote Panel: What are the priorities for Africa’s digital infrastructure investors?

11 Sep 2024
Radisson Blu Conference Stage
ITW Africa

According to IFC and Google, Africa’s internet economy has the potential to contribute around $180 billion to GDP by 2025 – meaning an uplift of roughly $65 billion expected between now and this time next year. What is the shape of recent infrastructure investments, and will they be enough to close the gap and reach the potential? This session will explore:

  • What asset class is most attractive over the next 3 years, and what are the demand drivers?
  • How is the higher interest rate environment affecting access to capital for projects?
  • What is the FTTH investment outlook?
  • Will private equity exits drive further consolidation in the market?
  • Is there scale outside of key markets?
Kabir Chal, Director - ACTIS
Zizile Ndziba, Investment Principal - AIIM
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