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ITW Africa Agenda



Keynote Panel: NLD and cross-border fibre-nomics

11 Sep 2024
Radisson Blu Conference Stage
ITW Africa

Cross-border projects are key to delivering interoperable, equitable, and open connectivity and bridging the digital divide. This requires collaboration and understanding of the varying regulatory, geographic, and cultural differences country-to-country. Investment also unlocks more fibre route diversity, and with more routes comes more competition, an environment conducive to faster digital transformation. The panel will explore:

  • How are the challenging economics of NLD fibre projects being addressed? And are there extracommercial solutions?
  • What are the pros and cons of infrastructure sharing? And will we see wider adoption?
  • What revenue models allow for the best predictability?
  • What’s the latest on fibre builds across Central Africa? And how can these be the route to unlocking competitive pricing?
Yonas Maru, Founder & MD - BCS GROUP
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