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Digital Realty’s presence on the African continent is built by local businesses with local expertise. Through a combination of organic growth and strategic joint ventures with leading regional data center providers like Teraco Data Environments, iColo and Digital Realty Nigeria (formerly Medallion Communications), we are located in key regions including East, West, and Southern Africa. Our purpose is to collaborate with African companies and talent to develop a data center platform that caters to both regional and global customer needs.   With data centers in Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, we are proud to form a vital part of the African internet backbone and are well-equipped to support the rapidly increasing demand for digital infrastructure, essential for the growth of modern enterprises and service providers.  With a global data center footprint of 300+ facilities across 50+ metros in 25+ countries on six continents, we are providing customers with access to a vast network of connected data communities and a state-of-the-art global data center platform, PlatformDIGITAL ®. To learn more about Digital Realty and how we are shaping the continent's digital landscape, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn and X.