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Datacloud Africa Agenda



Panel: Are we ready for the generative AI requirement to hit Africa?

10 Sep 2024
Radisson Blu Conference Stage

Generative AI demand has ballooned, and the impact on the industry is clearly illustrated by Nvidia’s announcement that their data centre revenues have risen over 400% on last year. Specifically for the continent, it is projected that AI will contribute an estimated $1.2 trillion to GDP by 2030, but applications are compute intensive and power hungry. In order to get it right and reap bottom-line benefits, data centre operators need to design and build for the future. This forward-thinking panel will navigate the challenges and share how to enable and harness the transformative potential of AI for sustainable growth in Africa:

  • How are operators designing and building for the future?
  • What trends and strategies are emerging regarding rack densities?
  • How other enterprise use-cases such as blockchain and fintech impacting capacity planning?
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