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Datacloud Africa Agenda



Keynote Panel: Thinking the same, but different – how are we defining Africa’s data centre future?

10 Sep 2024
Radisson Blu Conference Stage

Data centres are proven catalysts for economic development across the continent, however there is a problem. Africa accounts for 15% of the world’s population, and yet only ~1% of data centres globally are situated on the continent. With the market anticipated to reach a valuation of $5 billion by 2026, tremendous growth is expected, but how is this potential being realised? This session will explore:

  • What lessons can be learnt from other global markets?
  • How can new data sovereignty rules pave the way for expansion and create a cloud-first connected environment ?
  • What innovative connectivity partnerships are emerging?
Wilfried Dudink, Senior Director - Strategy & Development - DIGITAL REALTY
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